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Bachir Bserani, a native to the Middle Eastern country of Syria, has long loved and admired the beautiful and exotic Arabian horse.  Not only an accomplished horseman, but also an accomplished scholar, Bachir is fluent in Arabic, French and the English languages. Bachir enjoys spending time with his four daughters, giving private riding instruction, schooling horses, and advising horse owners and breeders, forever dedicated to his family and passion for horses. 



Previously unknown to each other, Bachir Bserani and Kellie Kolodziejczyk crossed paths by a matter of circumstance.  They quickly discovered the love and passion each had for the Arabian horse.  Kellie was immediately intrigued by Bachir's way of speaking with his rich Middle Eastern accent, his knowledge and compassion when giving advice on the Arabic custom of the naming of the Arabian horse, and of course, the wonderful storied he told.  Kellie not only enjoys spending time with her family and friends, but also with her horses and dogs. Kellie's love for all of God's creatures had been a natural part of her being since a very early age.